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Flatbread French Toast with Vanilla Mascarpone

Two days ago I posted about the Cosi Flatbread that I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with. I did a Tomato Balsamic and a Prosciutto Arugula flatbread, you can find that recipe here. I love how versatile the flatbread is, and wanted to be able to show that by making a comfort food everyone is familiar with. After many different ideas popped into my head, I settled on French Toast, because let's be honest, who doesn't love it? The one concern I had was that since flatbread is a little thicker and has that nice crisp crust, the batter needs to really soak in. After playing around with a few different ratios I was able to figure out the milk to egg ratio to ensure it soaked into the bread, but still was able to have the perfect texture. From the picture you can see that I also served this with caramelized peaches. The recipe for those is here. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family and I did.

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As always, gather up all of your ingredients. Not pictured is the Cosi Flatbread.

While your flatbread is baking and resting, mix together the custard for the French Toast and the vanilla mascarpone. I use a 9x13 glass Pyrex for the custard in it, and then soak the bread as well- why dirty more things than you need to? Use a rubber spatula to incorporate the mascarpone, vanilla and powdered sugar. As you can see I am using vanilla bean paste as opposed to vanilla extract- you can use either. I love the vanilla bean paste because it gives you that appearance of using a fresh vanilla bean with a taste that I find to be richer than extract.

Soak your bread for 2 minutes per side. To cook, melt 1 Tablespoon of butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Start with the top side down and cook for 3 minutes, flip and cook for 2 minutes ensuring that you are not burning the bread.

Serve with vanilla mascarpone and fruit of your choice- enjoy!

Flatbread French Toast with Vanilla Mascarpone


1 Cosi Flatbread

4 eggs

1 cup whole milk

1 Tablespoon brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 Tablespoons butter

1. Prepare flatbread per instructions. Use just a pinch of salt instead of a full ¼ teaspoon. Let rest five minutes, then cut into 8 even triangles.

2. In a 9x13 glass dish, combine eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar. Whisk to combine well. Place four triangles into egg mixture, bottom side down and let sit for 2 minutes. Turn over and let sit for another two. Repeat with remaining pieces.

3. Melt 1 Tablespoon of butter in a large nonstick pan over medium heat. Place four of the egg battered triangles top side down in the pan. Cook for 3 minutes, flip and cook for 2 additional minutes. Repeat with remaining pieces.

4. Serve with vanilla mascarpone and fruit of your choice. Enjoy!

Vanilla Mascarpone:

8.8 ounces mascarpone

2 Tablespoons powdered sugar

1 Tablespoon vanilla

1. Combine all ingredients well with a rubber spatula. Keep cold until ready to serve.

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