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     My name is Laura and I'm so glad that you decided to check out my blog.  For as long as I can remember I have loved being in the kitchen - both cooking and baking.  Some of my earliest memories are in my Grandma Pat's kitchen watching her bake. She was the best baker - everything she made was perfectly balanced and beautiful.  While I didn't inherit her artistic ability for decorating, I think I do her baking some justice.  I still can remember sitting at her kitchen table while she showed me how to make a new recipe, or her lessons on food chemistry.  They are my best memories - and I am glad that I now can pass these on to my daughter.  

     While my Grandma is no longer here to bake with, I still have the same warm memories when I get in the kitchen.  When I make something she taught me it's like she is still standing there talking me through it.  I love getting to see the joy that a well executed recipe can bring to someone.  All of the recipes that I will post on here are ones that I have personally tried and enjoyed.  Some of these are ones that I have developed myself, while others are so good there is no way to make them better.  I'm lucky enough to have my husband and twins along for this ride as my taste-testers, some recipes they are more excited for than others!

     Please continue to follow along - and if you make something definitely tag me on social media! I would love to see what you create.  Thanks for following along ~ LC

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